Lease management

We will take over your duties at each stage of the rental

lease management

Tenant verification and accommodation assistance

Before you decide to rent your property, a dedicated agent will verify the potential tenant in terms of any employment and earnings certificates, then prepare a rental agreement, guaranteeing you full security.

lease management

Full control over your property

Control visits during the contract, constant care of the property and supervision of repairs and repairs - all to ensure your peace and comfort.

lease management

Constant contact with the tenant

The implementation of fixed payments for administrative rent and utilities will be our responsibility. You will gain valuable time and convenience.

lease management

Reports on the state of the property

Throughout the duration of the contract, our agent will report the status of the property. After the contract expires, the caretaker of your apartment will prepare the rental offer again and start marketing activities to ensure continuity in renting.

Brokerage Management - comprehensive home care service
Meeting in apartment/premise
Estimation of the readiness of the premises for rent
Creation of a profile of potential tenant
Estimation of the rent amount
Preparation of final documents
Professional photo shoot + video
Floorplan + metering
3D photos
Preparation of the advertisement along with the description
Publication on the Agency's website
Publication on internet portals
Listing available from over 250 agents
Presentations of the apartment/premise/house
The possibility of handing over the keys to conduct the presentation without the participation of the owners
Selection of tenants according to preferences
Negotiations of terms and period of lease
Your presence at the finalization of the contract
Handing over the flat to the tenant
Help in the accommodation of tenants
Assistance in utility media transfer
Monitoring of payments and receivables
Making payments for administrative rent and utilities
Control visits to the property during the contract (minimum 2 times a year)
Owner's reports (media consumption)
First contact for the tenant
Immediate reaction to sudden failures in the apartment
Organization of ongoing repairs
Help in choosing and obtaining the best insurance in cooperation with POWER INSURANCE
Assistance with formal and tax issues in cooperation with POWER CONSULTING
Assistance in case of debt recovery and legal consultation in cooperation with POWER CONSULTING (over PLN 1500 rent)
REWARD: Equivalent of 100% net + VAT 23% one month rent payable once after renting an apartment No initial fee
10% gross the equivalent of one month's rent payable each month during the contract period

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