Property rental

Explore the process of renting a property with POWER INVEST

property rental

Property valuation

Our experience and excellent knowledge of the prices of both residential and commercial premises allows us to rent a property in the shortest possible time while maintaining a satisfactory price.

property rental

Preparation of the rental offer

Professional and comprehensive preparation of a real estate advertisement is the basis of success. We will do it for you. Always, apart from the description of the property, we will take pictures of your apartment or flat with a high-quality wide-angle lens. Our standard is also the preparation of a film presenting the property for each client.

property rental

Performing property projection and measurements

Our Agents - thanks to modern equipment and dedicated applications - will make projections, as well as measure your property in a few minutes. Saving your time is our priority.

property rental

Wide marketing

We publish a carefully prepared offer with all possible channels. In the network - advertising portals, industry forums, social media - through advertising campaigns and through outdoor activities.

property rental

Innovative real estate presentation

Only with us your offer will be presented using 3D glasses. Thanks to this, each of our clients will be able to see it without leaving our office. This way your offer will become more attractive to tenants.

property rental

Price negotiation and carrying out of all formalities

Your dedicated agent will help in the process of negotiating property prices with the tenant, streamlining the process of finalizing the transaction. All formalities regarding renting will be carried out under the supervision of our expert to ensure your safety.

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