Property lease

Discover the lease process for real estate with POWER INVEST

property lease

We will find you a new dream apartment

Our new search engine provides easy and intuitive use. You will gain access to thousands of properties - both from the secondary and primary market - as there are over 300 developers in our offer!

property lease

Innovation is the key to success

We give you the opportunity to learn about the interior of the property using 3D glasses. Thanks to this you will be able to get to know the best offers without leaving our office.

property lease

Dedicated agent

We provide maximum comfort of using our services. You define your preferences and the dedicated agent will take over all other duties - from choosing the offer tailored to your needs, to presenting the apartment/house/premise.

property lease

Carrying out all formalities

Your dedicated agent will help you pass the entire formal process related to renting. From checking the legal status of the selected property, to signing the final lease agreement and passing the delivery and acceptance protocol. You will get a guarantee of a secure transaction.

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