Property purchase

Discover the process of buying a property with POWER INVEST

property purchase

We will find you a new dream apartment

Our new search engine provides easy and intuitive use. You will gain access to thousands of properties - both from the secondary and primary market - as there are over 300 developers in our offer! Our agents will guide you through the entire shopping process from A to Z.

property purchase

Innovation is the key to success

We give you the opportunity to learn about the interior of the property using 3D glasses. Thanks to this you will be able to get to know the best offers without leaving our office.

property purchase

We will finish and arrange your home

Do you dream of a beautiful turnkey apartment? Tell us your vision, choose one of our finishing packages and we will provide you with an architect and a group of specialists, who will take over all other responsibilities. You will receive the keys to the finished apartment after 6 to 8 weeks.

property purchase

We will find you the best available loan

After choosing your dream property, you must specify in what form it will be financed - in cash or by credit. When you decide on the second option, we will provide you with a free consultation with our expert. You will avoid time-consuming circulation around the banks in search of a perfectly matched offer - we will do it for you.

property purchase

We insure you and your apartment

Security is the key. That is why we offer competitive insurance packages for both property owners and their apartments - insurance protects against random events such as flooding or fire. They can also be extended to theft, devastation and third party liability.

property purchase

Preparation of the property transfer and delivery protocol

Our agent will include in the report detailed information about the condition of the property, equipment, information on the status of meters.

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